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Friday, June 17, 2011

11 Tools-Tool #4

I created a Google Doc and shared it with 3 other teachers. It seemed pretty simple. Although I had to ask for help to convert it to a jpg file and upload it to the blog.

This is a cool way to work on documents at the same time with others. I have used them before with limited success so I am looking forward to trying it again with my students. I am sure they will be excited to use Google Docs as they work on projects together.

I created a form in Goggle Docs for use during Book Club and emailed it to two team mates. I am waiting for their replies.

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  1. Karen H. If you have time to spend on google docs..this is the most important place...this is what you will use daily with your students. Google docs is what the students will have accss to on the minis. There are lots of videos on Atomic learning that make it easier.