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Friday, June 17, 2011

11 Tools-Tool #3

I looked through YouTube and Discovery Education. I found a great video on Literature Circles from a teacher in NYC on Discovery Education. Although it's designed for teachers, I think students could watch it and gleam important information about participating in Literature Circles. I also tried Blinx to search for videos and ViewPure to help the video run more smoothly.
I found that it was very difficult to watch any of these videos due to buffering. I found, what I think is a great video on place value on Blinx, which linked me to TeacherTube, but the video couldn't run because it stopped every 2 or 3 seconds to buffer.
I am hoping that when my computer is reimaged next week, that I can ask the tech specialist about this problem. Maybe there is a simple solution!
Literature Circle Video:
Place Value Rap Video:

Fair Use/Copyright:
I was pretty familiar with copyright law, but I didn't know that as long as you are using it in an educational setting and as long as you don't use the whole thing, almost anything goes. I thought it was more stringent than that. The video was great and I can see how student will like it and will easily understand copyright rules.

Picasa: I found the Picasa website and searched for pictures of Butterflies. I then used the remix filter to filter the 10,000 or so pictures down to a manageable number of 300 or so. I was surprised to learn that I could filter for pictures taken with a specific camera. I'm sure this will come in handy with my students and their projects.

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