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Thursday, June 30, 2011

11 Tools-Tool #5

So far I have tried Stupefix Video. I'm embedding the one I made for a card table and chair set that I am looking to sell. It was pretty easy to do, but it really helped to have viewed the SBISD tutorial video clip first. I can see how this could easily be used in all subject areas from doing a character trait video within a book club to how to use a Math manipulative to how to conduct a Science experiment or sharing information about a famous Texan.

I made a trading card of Stanley Marcus using information from a website and from the 4th grade Social Studies curriculum on Forethought. It was pretty easy too. I bit challenging figuring out how to save it to use again. Not sure I did that, but we'll see. This could be used to show information learned in all subject areas-again a character trading card for a novel, a Science tool and how it was used in an experiment and of course for famous people in Social Studies.

I made a Glogster Poster for my card table and chair set. Although the Glogster and the Stupeflix videos do not use curriculum material, I think I can use what I made to show my students how to use them with curriculum topics. Glogster was ok to use. Not as easy as some of the other programs. It's a big difficult to manipulate the pictures etc and scroll up and down. I would like the ability to see my Glog all on the screen so I can see how it looks whole. But overall, I can see how students would love this program and have great fun with it.

Ok, so this is it for tool #5. I would like to explore Story Jumper too, which I will probably do. It was recommended by a friend to be useful in writing. So far, this was the most enjoyable part of the 11 tools. No where near as frustrating and difficult as the previous 4 tools! I sure hope tool #6 is just as easy!

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  1. WOW! you did so good...and your glogster looks great!
    It does get easier with each tool...and then as you use them....they become second nature...just keep on plodding!
    I'll have to share with you in person some tricks on saving...there are a few things I've learned by failing and losing students work. Keep up the good work!