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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

11 Tools-Tool #2

I visited Jimmie O'Quinn's blog, Theresa Trevino's blog, Stacye Foster's blog, Linda Kleb's blog, and Amie Graves blog. I commented on Jimmie's blog and Amie's blog.
Commenting on someone else's blog is fine. I hope that they will comment back to me and then we can engage in an on-line conversation.
I certainly enjoyed seeing the YouTube video about Glogster. I will try that with my new students. Sharing my thoughts publicly was fun. It was definitely different than having a conversation with a teammate. This is much  more public, but it also lets more people comment on my thinking.
The website that I thought I would like to try with my class is http://www.glogster.com/. It is a website that creates virtual posters. As we learn about Texas History in Social Studies, this would be a fun way for kids to share what they learn.
And...today, I created an account on Google Reader. I have added my 3 favorite blogs to keep track of. It will definitely make it easier to find what I need!


  1. Hopefully others will comment on your site.
    You havent hit it yet...but Jennifer Brouse always has her students create Trading cards from big huge labs on Texas Heroes...they look really good and they have to carefully select the information shared...not too much space.
    If you look at the link to what makes people respond...one of the things to do is to post a question...that encourages others to write back.
    Just think of all of the new things you are learning....enjoy the trip!

  2. Hi Cathy! Let's plan a glogster adventure next year... I really liked how the students linked their glogs to Google Earth. I'm sure we could come up with something fun! :)

  3. Great ideas Karen! Cathy, I'm sure Amy, Jennifer, and I will do all sorts of collaborating with you! Is MDE doing 11 tools this summer? You'll have so much to share with them!

  4. What are your 3 favorite blogs?

  5. Lisa Gayle, I love Donalyn Miller's 'The Book Whisperer' blog and Teri Lesesne, a library science professor at Sam, has a terrific blog called 'professor nana' and then of course Karen's blog 'Ms. Frazzled' is always informative.
    Hope this helps!