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Sunday, August 21, 2011

11 Tools-Tool #9

Technology is the way to show what you know. The objective is what students are to learn. Technology should extend the objective; therefore, the must be closely connected.

Students must be engaged in meaningful work and the way to help make work meaningful for students is to hold them accountable. It is a waste of time for students and teachers if students are doing work they are not being held accountable for; so a system for keeping track of work students do is essential.

I visited Tutpup and liked the spelling and math sites. I can see how students could easily use the spelling & vocabulary site to increase their spelling ability and the Math activity will increase their fact recall for problem solving.

I also visited Learning Games for Kids and I enjoyed the vocabulary game as it challenged even me to learn new words. Students can use these new words in their writing to show syntactic maturity.

I will have students use BrainPop App to watch video clips about famous Americans and then use the quiz to confirm their learning and then send the results to me in an email. I will then use the data to design more projects. I am also excited about Flashcards+. I can use this website to create flashcards for all of our content area vocabulary. Students need to know these words to succeed on STAAR. They can be customized for each student and content.

The iPad & iPod touch are very motivating for students! The possibilities are endless because the iPad screen is so large. Any app will work! As a station, I plan to select apps that fit with our curriculum and ones that students want to use.

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