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Sunday, August 21, 2011

11 Tools-Tool #8

Tool #8

I am thrilled to be getting the iPods & iPads for my classroom! I just purchased an iPhone for myself and have been so excited to see all the cool things it can do. I am most amazed at the 11 pages of Apps that the iPod & iPad will hold. I am anticipating that I will find many I can use and I am sure my students will have favorites that they want to load on our class devices. Also, the district has many suggestions for Apps that go along with our curriculum that we will download.

My favorite feature of the Dell Mini-computer is the camera and microphone! I am so excited that my students will be able to record their thinking for others to see and learn. Also I would like to get into using Google Docs more so the fact that students will use Google Docs on the Minis is great. I anticipate students composing on Google Docs as a group with everyone contributing.

I plan to use the devices for small group work as students work on projects in all content areas. I will allow students who are ready for enrichment to use the devices to design their own projects. I will have students record their book club conversations for me to listen to later as well as recording book reviews to share with others.

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