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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Class News #5

We have been incredibly busy learners in 4th grade!

In early November, we had a fantastic field trip to The George Ranch! We saw a 1830s cabin, a 1860’s mansion, and a working blacksmith! It was quite a trip! Thanks to Candice Corzo and Marie Glover for chaperoning.

We have been learning all about Texas history-beginning with Native Americans that once lived in Texas. The students made a Google presentation about the Texas Native Americans and created a newspaper that could have been published in 1825 Texas.

Writing essays is truly fun! The kids have learned about the structure of essays and they a each chose a central idea and developed it into a well supported essay. They published them using Google Docs. We are about to revisit writing narratives in preparation for STAAR writing at the end of March. The book clubs for this month have been a huge success. Everyone is enjoying their book-as well as learning how to participate in a meaningful discussion about what they’re reading.

Measurement has been the name of the game in Math in January! We’ve discussed Weight, Mass, Temperature, and Capacity along with conversions in each category. In Math workshop, the children have studied perimeter and area and equivalent fractions. We’re also using a website- www.aaamath.com to work on mental math with subtraction. We will continue working on problem solving and Math facts daily so we’re prepared for STAAR in April.

In Science we have been learning about Ecosystems and Biomes, which included the wonderful ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ posters they kids made. We hung them up in the hallway for everyone to enjoy! We will soon begin learning about Food Chains and how they are a part of Ecosystems and Biomes.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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