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Sunday, July 3, 2011

11 Tools-Tool #6

This tool is about using technology tools to promote discussion within the classroom. The first tool I tried was wallwisher. I was introduced to this website in an ActivBoard training a couple of weeks ago during the TECHBlitz workshops. I will be teacher the Abydos Learning/NJWP Summer Writing Institute starting next week and I think this website will be a good way to begin the discussion on day 2 of day 1's homework. So, I created a wallwisher account and set up a site for me to use next week. Here's the link.

I also tried Google Docs again. I was disappointed to see that the link to a tutorial YouTube video was not hot. I’m not sure I did what the tool directed asked for. I went into documents and then to presentation. I didn’t know that Google Docs has a similar program to Power Point to use for presentations. I created a short slideshow to use in the Writing Institute next week. I shared it with my co-presenter so she could comment and add to the slideshow.

I have used Google Docs in several meetings and it is a great way for everyone to comment and work on one document. I can see students using this to write about a common event, such as a Science experiment or a field trip. Here is the link to my Google Doc slideshow:


I also tried Today’s Meet. I have used this program in a couple of meetings and it worked really well. I created a site for the participants in the summer writing institute to comment. I think this would work really well at the beginning of each day so that participants could comment on the readings from the previous night’s homework. I can also see how this could work in my classroom-especially in Science. As we are doing an investigation, students could comment on what they see happening, then everyone could see their thinking. It could also work in book clubs. As readers are reading they could comment and then see each others’ thinking. I am not sure how to access a ‘room’ that’s already been created. If I remember what I called it, then that’s fine. But if I can’t, how do I access the room again? Here’s my link:


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  1. To access a room in todays, you need to know the name. I keep a list of the ones I do. I actually do the same labeling...."rcefaculty{date}...that makes it easy to find it. "rceCIT{date}..then all of the ones I have done for RCE come together and I can find them. You can keep them for a while...so you can go back and visit...what a way for different lit groups to share their insight!